Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank You........

Miss Holly and Miss Jorja.....

Miss Storm and Miss Jorja.....

Just a quick note to everyone that has wished us all well and congrats.... i want to say Thank you all so much for your beautiful comments...... i have loved reading them all and when i do get a bit of a break I will be back to thank you all on your blogs too! Anyway a pic of the girls with their baby sister.
Remember this: Sore boobs, 1 minute showers, cold cups of teas, watching everyone else eat while you feed the baby, sleeping in the chair all night, doing everything with one hand, sleepless nights! That's just some of what I have been doing...... But I would not change a thing.... I only have to look at her and I melt!!!!!!
Oh and for scrappin some LO's ........ I am working on that!!!!

Photos taken today @ 8.25am
12 days old
4.5 kgs

Mwah xxx

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introducing............... "Jorja Claire Pearce"

"Jorja Claire Pearce"
15th July 09
6.25 pm
Birth weight : 4160 g
Length : 53 cm
Head : 34 cm

Oh my what a long week it has been for me and Jorja...... let alone my DH with the big sisters! I was 38 weeks and the doctor wanted to induce me as I was showing signs of pre-eclampsia and things were not looking good.... so on Tuesday nite 14 th july I pick DH up from the airport, he had been in Port Hedland for 2 weeks. Oh and the plane was delayed so we had to just go straight to the hospital. Where my Doc did his thing to get me started for the big day being tomorrow/ Wednesday. Oh and do you think I could sleep I knew exactly what I was in for .... anyway the big day came..... i am going to keep this short as time is something i don't have much of right the labour was hard work as this little one was not even down in the pelvic I had lots of exercises to do and alot of pushing. I needed the "GAS".......... anyway after alot of pushing and hours going by she came into the world. We didn't know the sex so this was an awesome surprise .... we are extremely excited that we got ourselves another girl..... Jorja looks exactly like Holly and Storm when they were born! My DH had that same look on his face with Holly and Storm and I could tell he was just as thrilled as I was.
I ended up losing alot of blood and was looking very ill...... I ended up having a blood transfusion on Sunday 19th July as I had not got any better thru the week. Can I say "WOW" that certainly put some life back into me!!! Anyway DH and the girls came and picked me up yesterday Monday 20th to bring Jorja and I home.
Oh yeah I have nickname her already.... I can't help but call her "Squishy"
A comment from DH last nite...... How cute do the little clothes look hanging up!!!!
From Holly....... mummy she's totally awesome...giggle giggle!!!!
From Storm...... Can I play with all her toys please!!!!

Anyway I leave you with that for now and will be back at some time for another update hopefully with some new baby scrap Layouts!!!!!

mwah xxx

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remember this.....

"1 2 3"

it's getting very close...that's all i am going to say!

until then...... keep creating awesome layouts my friends!

Mwah xxx

Thursday, July 9, 2009

oohhh i just love Glimmer mist.....

All you have to do is post a picture of their new bottles and the phrase, Glimmer Mist is the same great product with a Fabulous NEW Look! Email your link to and your name will be placed into the draw for a six pac of the brand new, never released WINTER 2009 colours.

LOL..... stole this all from visiting Tammy - what are friends for!

Aussie Scrap-Jack

"My Journey"

Right O so its that time again for Aussie Scrapjack and this month you get to jack Charmane Koch.... totally awesome scrapper! We have a guest Jacker which is Peg Hewitt and her sons have even taken the challenge up! Awesome guys! so come on over and have ago!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Letter backgrounds......

"collecting sand hoppers at the beach"

OK so this week Ali Russell from Embellished has set the new chef challenge this week and it's a goodie... it's to do with those pesky leftover letters... we all have them stuffed high in containers... so get them out fill the background and just paint...... Those that know me would have seen me do this before...... and so now it's your turn if you have not tried this now is your chance's lots of fun and I'm working on another one as my stash of leftovers is spilling out of the box!!

Mwah xxx