Sunday, March 12, 2017


Oh its been like forever that I've blogged or done anything crafty on here. That's ok... I've been busy doing lots of things with family and friends and crafting too. Just unable to use my computer to its full potential from all the updates now my computer is consider a dinosaur! But  I will be getting a new one soon. 

Anyway let me share this with you...
I'm off to Port Lincoln in South Australia for a long weekend in June2017!

I'm so excited for this. I had the pleasure of attending last year and had the best time. I was over the moon to be asked By Amanda and Meredith to teach. Holy Moly I was very excited to receive that email! Shaking in my boots, ...  doing this is out my comfort zone but being there last year I saw how the other teachers managed it... if not I can always go to the bar... YEAH!

I've a heap of other news too... it's has to do with a tree/sea change!
Its crazy cant believe we are doing this but yes its Happening at present!
Thanks... Miss Wally xxx