Wednesday, October 15, 2008

this this & this........

I was so inspired at 2.30 am...chatting away with a friend... and went into the gallery and saw a really awesome LO.... which drove me to create this.... you see Louise had used a printed transparency with the design of bamboo shoots all over it... so i got thinking how cool it would be to recreate that pattern.... so with the help of a PP and transparency film and some masking fluid and paint. i ended up creating this background..... now thats cool!!

How to:
  1. Place the Transparency film on top of the PP
  2. Trace the design using the masking fluid, allow to dry
  3. Sponge paint all over, allow to dry
  4. Peel the masking fluid off.... "revealing your design"
How cool is this then and what an awesome effect... I love it and will keep on playing...


On my way... said...

Wow, looks awesome Leeann....not sure I'd be able to recreate it, Im no good with written instructions! Lol - perhaps I might pick your brain when I finally meet u at the retreat!

TatumW said...

oh so it. I am going to have to get me some masking fluid next time I'm in town! I had the pleasure of sitting and watching Lou scrap on friday night....soooooo inspiring! luv ya xx

Louise said...

Oooh L you are forever Awesome!!!
Im back from Sydney 2morrow and kinda hoping Im not called into work coz I got me some carboard, masking fluid and some plastic bamboo Im just deserate to play with coz of UUUUUU

:) xxx

Donna said...

That is divine DG.. I soo wish I coul find some masking fluid.. have to keep looking..

Mwah.. HB xx

Marifé García said...

Very beautifull things. I love it!