Saturday, December 13, 2008

A bit of a catch up before the new year hits me...

2007 Photo Shoot....My Sweet Storm

SHhh Santa can hear us...Now you might have seen this LO featured on the last page of SM vol 10 no 8... it did get me excited.. i then knew it was going to be in the next mag too.. so when i got SM vol 10 no 9 i looked everywhere for it in the mag...and the only spot it was in was the contents page... OK so i wonder what happened!!! well lets just say there wasn't a spot for it as the assigned gallery was full so they left it in the contents page...hmmmm!!! so now you know who it belongs too .... ME!!!!

Now onto my Master's stuff that I entered.....i didn't really want to put this up just yet as I really would have like to have seen the mag... i feel quite embarrassed about my entry now...after reading what everyone is saying in the forums.... but this is me..... sometimes I have good stuff and sometimes it's just OK... it's never OMG WOW!!!..... anyway i have a preggie brain and my emotions are all over the place.... i can't make sense of myself let alone everyone else!

Single LO... Hula Hoop... this is my all time favorite LO!

2009 Calender.... I have big plans for this next year.... i am going to treat it like a journal and fill the squares with big numbers, scraps of scraps, tickets, appointments, events etc.... i will upload each month as i finish it.... i really do like my calender!Oh yeah and all the pictures are my girls art work they have created all this year.... I just adore there art!!!

My keepsake is for my friend RAGS she is moving to Perth and I am going to miss her like mad! We do all sorts of silly things together and laugh lots!!!! This is like a mini stage of her and I.... i totally sux at OTP but rags loves it.... that's all that matters really!!

So that is it............. and before I go... I would like to congrats all the girls that took part in the masters and to all the girls that got a HM..... apparently i got one....i think they must have had there eyes closed at the time! But the biggest CONGRATS goes to the top ten well done girls... i hope you all enjoy your year and if you find that the prizes are all too much i can give you my email addy and help you off load some!!!! lmao!

I hope to show you my exciting new news soon..... the 18th is the day i get to see this peanut .... it has been a hard couple of weeks with puking so much!

thanks for stopping by...miss wally...mwahxx


Tam said...

Your entries are awesome chickie....and I love your single LO.
And you so deserve the HM, as does all the girls awesome entries!
Take care lovely....and woohoo for the visual of peanut next week :) xxxxxxxxx

Louise said...

'Closed' Hmmmm well you know what I think!

Ditto Tammys post!

:) x

Kerryn said...

Are you serious!!!! You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I first saw your layouts in an issue of Scrapbook Creations a few months ago (up until then I hadn't heard your name anywhere). Well I was blown away. I love everything you create - it definitely has the OMG WOW to me. The detail and work in your masters entry is amazing - I had you pegged as a masters for sure!

Anyway, love your stuff - keep it comin' :).

andrea said...

leeann your work totally inspires me you are sooo creative i love all of your work, i dont know what the forums are saying but they obviously have no idea,anyway you are an individal, who wants to be like everyone else. You rock babe


TatumW said...

remember puking is a good thing ;)...well at least for the moment anyway! Love all of your masters entry, I can see why hula hoop is an all time fave, I love the way it opens up. Loving your calendar...all that blanket stitching you crazy woman LOL! enjoy seeing your peanut on the 18th xx

tracey said...

congrats on the peanut L. And your projects look awesome - love them - and yep totally you - true to your beautiful,individual style... congrats from me for the HM..

Anonymous said...

"sometimes I have good stuff and sometimes it's just OK... it's never OMG WOW!!!"


Who are you kidding?! I'm pretty much always "OMG Wow!" when I drop by here!

I super love your hula hoop layout!

And thanks for solving the Sm layout mystery, I was kinda wondering where the gorgeous layout from 10.8 had gone when 10.9
showed up!

On my way... said...

Leeann? Seriously? It's all gorgeous - if I'd been able to come up with an entry like that I wouldve been so proud. Congrats again on the HM, and here's another "OMG WOW!!" from me :)


kathie said...

Oh dear you're having a rough run.

First off, I'm so sorry about the stuffup with your layout in SBM. Having had one of mine bumped recently due to "space constraints", I know how disappointing it is.

As for the masters, you and I have already talked about that, so you know how I feel without me going into it here. Thanks for sharing your work though.

As for the comment about some good stuff and some not - chickie, you are brave enough to experiment and try new things. Not every experiment works wonderfully the first time; often they're a precursor for something beautiful in the future. Keep on stretching yourself, because you inspire so many people, myself included.

Good luck with the scan. How terribly exciting :D. Hope the sickness is subsiding a bit and you can start to enjoy life again soon.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have stumbled upon your blog Leeann and I must say it is a definate "WOW" from me! Your stuff is gorgeous and you are super talented and I will be checking back here more often! :) Awesome stuff. Just. Awesome.