Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i'm gunna jack you baby!!!!!!!

Little Miss Storm with her sisters lippy!

Woohooo... girls the first jack for 2009 is Sarah Gladman - this girl is super talented and has a tone of awesome ideas and just totally rocks..... so come on over to Aussie Scrapjack and check out all the DT jackee's and there is even a Guest jacker jacking the jack!
What ya waiting for come and play!


Tam said...

Another awesome LO chickie, and such a cute pic.....and that guest Jacker has some talent :) :)

On my way... said...

Saw this on ScrapJack and loved it!! So distinctly you :) And yep, have written it in my diary, definitely giving this one a go!!


Elise said...

Loved your lo matey!!!! We must have both been sitting there going round and round and round on our sewing machines!!!! Very exciting being the G DT!!!!!

Nicole said...

gorgeous, fantastic LO Leeann.

BTW I've left an award for you on my blog.


Donna said...

Hey gorgeous..You are soooo wrong!! I would say about 2% of your stuff makes me go OMG WoW!!! and the other 98% blows my mind so much with your talent I just sigh.. and wish I had 2% of your talent and say words I can't print here..pmsl!! Don't you dare ever feel any different sweetie.. you are an inspiration to me and many others!
Oh can you tell I just got time to catch up on some of your posts..pmsl.. I know me slow!! Might call ya soon.. Feel the need to catch up with me mates!!
Look after yourself DG! only 60 days till we can Jelly Wrestle!!

xxxx HB!

Louise said...

Immmmm with Donna, YOU ROK my friend!!!

Lou xxx

Sares said...

Leanne you have done a gorgeous jack of my LO and thanks so much for what you said about my cretivity - ditto to you too, chook!
Sares x

Renee Dowling said...

Awsome!! Love what you have done Leanne!


love all the photos of your kids.. wow... amazing ... pages.. your stuff really stands out..!!

Julie said...

love your jack too Leanne.