Monday, February 23, 2009

Here's how i made them....

"Puffy Fabric Circle and Ribbon Embellishments"

Step 1: Cut a circle from fabric or felt. Turn fabric over and use the running stitch close to the out side edge.

Step 2: Now pull the two thread ends - so it gathers. Tie a knot and trim the thread. Now just stitch a button on top.
"Ribbon flower"

Step 1: Do the same as you did the puffy flower circle. Use the running stitch along the edge of a large wide ribbon.

Step 2: Pull the two thread end so that it gathers - Tie a knot then turn it over and add a couple of stitches where the ribbon ends meet up. This just keeps it neat!

and the end result...... way to easy. I have seen the puffy circle ones around and wanted to know how to - so I just played and this is how I made mine. Please feel free to give it ago if you have not made them before..... my bet is when you do you will love them..... thanks for stopping by....Mwah

Oh and my small TIP look around the home for fabric before you go out shopping for some. I use the kids old jeans and other clothing items. I like to save my penny's!


On my way... said...

Oh so pretty!! Definitely gonna give these a bash, thanks Leeann!


Tam said...

They look fabbo!Thanks for sharing your awesome tips....Mwah! XXXX

Elise said...

Always wondered how they were made ....thanks chickie !!! Now I know you'll see lots of them on my LO's in the future!!!!

Donna said...

Oh so very cute DG!!.. Will have to give it a go!! not like I don't have enough ribbonand felt..pmsl!

Christine said...

What a fantastic technique Leeann, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your yo-yo's (the puffy flowers LMAO!) I did some of those the other day and they are on my March scrapjack page ;) We must have been on the same wave length there for a few moments LMAO!
I also have a blog award for you Leeann, which you can find on my blog, here Scrapbook Nook
I'm also having a little give away if you'd like a look ;)