Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ok I am the biggest slacker about when it comes to theses awards..... So I would like to say a big thank you to all the girls that think I am deserving of one.... I really do enjoy you coming over and checking my stuff out.... I also love that I can share some cool ideas with you and it's rewarding when I see you guys have a go too.

So here's to ten girls that have heart and are kreativ......

1: Kylie Frazer
2: Tammie J
3: Nicole P
4: Kathleen
5: Fran
6: Sue-ann
7: Tammy T
8: Elise
9: Petrina
10: Tatum

Check them out when you get a chance!


oh and I just got a very large pizza boxx delivery...wooohoooo its my LO's and mag from SC 53.... so I can now take some pic..... tomorrow I will...bye xx


Petrina McDonald said...

thanks Leeann - you've got heart too babe!

TatumW said...

thanks sweet :) me the belly ain't tiny though LOL! have a great week xx

On my way... said...

Awww thanks Leeann!!! That means alot ;)

Gotta say too, love love your LO's below, So Sweet is absolutely gorgeous, I can't stop looking at it, and those foam scallops - might have to steal that idea too!!!


Tam said...

Arent you gorgeous...thanks sweetness.. you have made my week!

And thankyou for having such a big heart, and sharing your fabbo tips and tricks...Mwah xxxxxxxxxxx Tam x