Friday, September 4, 2009

Pulished SM layouts......

Wooohooo got on the editors page again...YaY!!!!!
SM 11 -7

"My Girls"
SM 11 - 6

"Angels are coming"
SM 11 - 5

"Sunkissed" SM product challenge
SM 11 - 5

Wooohooo... got on the editor's page..."YAY"
SM 11 - 5

SM 11 - 5
Thanks for checking out my creations......
mwah xx


Anonymous said...

What PURE DELIGHT are these layouts, it's just such a pleasure coming here Leeann, I love every minute of it, congrats on all yours subs, Tiff xx.

Kristy said...

Luv, luv, luve your LO's Leeann! Looking forward to hopefully catching up with you at Renaye's shop soon!
Until then massive congrats on the arrival of Miss J and all your beautiful work. Kristy xx

Giovanna Scott said...

Hi Leeann. Belatedly popping by and saying how much i've enjoyed your layouts in SM. Always something to inspire me (and be a wee bit jealous of) to be a better scrapper.
Thanks muchly.