Friday, December 2, 2011

A U S S I E S C R A P S O U R C E... sure to check out "Aussie Scrap Source" for some more inspiration on our 
handmade  up cycled  re-gifted 
this one is for all the BOYS and there are some fantastic ideas  on the BLOG and you have plenty of time to whip something up before the big day!
so go read and grab your supplies and get busy!

  "Blackboard and duster"  
- featuring a Twiddleybitz - Bulldozer Silhouette 

next we have a Dinosaur park 
- totally inspired by the Twiddleybitz Dinosaur shapes

If you want to know how I went about creating these check out "Aussie Scrap Source"
not bad for a all GIRL home I think...

thanks miss wally xxx


Blossom inch said...

awesome awesome...

Scarlett said...

Totally adorable is what I son would have loved both of these when he was little. Gone are the days for him though at 15, LOL.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Wowza!!! My youngest would be so loving that stuff! Especially the dinosaurs! Hey BTW - this is so random, but were you always "The Painbrush Goes Spottie"? For some reason I always thought the word spottie was potty. I could be trippin' but I was pretty sure... LOL!!! :D


Michelle Hernandez said...

LOVE that blackboard! what a GREAT simple gift idea!