Monday, January 2, 2012


... just a quick share of a few Hambly projects, 
am lovin how you can mix these products up and get that freestyle  feel!

"live love laugh"

"my girls" 
using a few different overlays and layering them... love that!

"2011 Review" - by holly and storm

...well that's it for a few weeks as we are off to New Zealand...
see you after the holidays
Miss Wally xxx


Jenneke said...

LOVE your Hambly layouts, Leeann!!

Happy New Year!


Lizzyc said...

Happy New Year!! these look fabulous.. and i reckon they would look even better in real life!! there is always more to your layouts then meets the eye.. i always try and look deeper as there is usually so many details there... have a wonderful holiday!! be safe..

Blossom inch said...

Happy New Year Leeann! Love all those LOs and yes indeed a very beautiful layering with the Hambly and precious pics.

Irini said...

Gorgeous gorgeous layouts!!!
I wish you a fabulously creative 2012

Steffie said...

Happy New Year!
You make soooo sweet LOs!
Best wishes from Germany!

Penny said...

Lovin' these new look layouts Leann! Stunning photos of your gorgeous girlies as well.
Have an awesome time in NZ!!!

Jamilie said...

These are all gorgeous!! WOW!

mandysea said...

Absolutely stunning - each one of them!!! so many details to look at and the more I look the more I see!
Totally love the circle one!
Have a WONDERFUL holiday!!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the way these Hambly goodies work with your fabulous style!! Happy New Year :)

Renee Aslette said...

Happy New Year Miss Wally!!!

Love love love these layouts!! Was in need of some inspiration today and that is exactly what I found.

Love what you have done with Hambly!

Renee xo

Trine Brandt-Lassen said...

I absolutely love your 2011 Review page. Love the layers

Karen Knight said...

Wow I love these. Beautiful layouts. I hope that you have a fabulous 2012. xx

Christine said...

I swaer, Hambly is made specially for you, awesome layouts!

Enjoy your trip :)

Rebekkah said...

Hi Miss Wally !
Welcome to 2012!
Hope its a great for you and the family !
Loving the hambly los .. so creative youre such a clever chick!
Have a great time in NZ.. so jealous..
Speak to you soon
Rebekkah xox

Patricia said...

this pages are fabulous!

Nina said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Lene said...

oh my !! I LOVE them!!! These are fab - love alle the colors!

Jessy Christopher said...

You are so good with Hamblys! They are gorgeous!!

Felicity Ives said...

Ooooh, Ahhhh, your layouts always make me smile! So many delicious colors and lovely layers, and photos of your girls who always look so happy. Love visiting your blog, always so inspiring, and better yet, fun!

Unknown said...

love your stuff