Friday, September 19, 2008

oodles of doodles.....

Oh Boy I have not don't this for along time.....I was totally inspired by looking at some digi elements... not that I can do that stuff.... so I envy all that master digi!!!.... "happy little girl" was definitely a warm up... hands felt a bit rusty... I am working on another one, which I thought might share with you - just the outlines of the doodles and lets see how I finish it....This time I worked out where I was going to put my pic... which made it a lot easier.....all the pencils lines are still there I used watercolor paints... but with this next one I am going to throw in some felt and foam and more stitching...just to give it more dimension.... to be continued......Mwah x x


scrapwitch said...

babe your super inspiring ,and i cant believ i only found ya yesterday thru nicole pomeroy..but ive seen your stuff and i feel your spirit babe..thanks for yoyr love to read your journalling to your tellin ya i was a blubbering mess last night ..
peace and love sister

scrapwitch said...

and that layout rocks babe and
never been to the boxx retreat ,but i would like to one day meet !

Nicole said...

OMG those doodles are mad.

such brilliance girl, you never fail to amaze.


Anonymous said...

WOW Leeann these look AWESOME!