Tuesday, February 11, 2014

ah there's lots of yum yum today...

I'm thrilled to be a "special agent" this month at CSI!
woot woot... check it out!

how cute is this pic... it's my jorja and my friend chantelle's little boy caden... too cute!
Gosh they have grown up since then!

"savor the little things"

looking forward to the next case file ... CSI

and i have a couple of just because i can pages using lots of crate paper/maggie holmes and a bit of glitz too!

" you are my favorite girls"

"how lovely"

and i've been busy creating a few canvas's... hope you like!

this is on a 12" x 12" canvas

another 12" x 12" canvas

and this little cutie is on a 4" x 5" canvas

and i'm working on a couple more, that actually go into 3D frames to put up in my home!

thanks for popping by miss wally xxx


Paula said...

Fabulous creations! I simply love your use of colour, texture & layers :)

Lizzy Hill said...

Great to see you over at CSI... Oh, a feast for eyes ur pages are... Just LOOOVE soaking them up!!! And those canvases are STUNNING ---- even the EDGES!!! Love the 'graphic' look on ur LOs ur playing with ATM , too:):)

Miae said...

Oh my goodness you've been busy Leeann making BEAUTIFUL stuff! Your pages are so full of great details and shapes AND so love those canvases! I took that She Art class and only made 2 canvases, need to change that;) Hope all is well!

Lizzyc said...

Hi.. Just love it coming by here and getting my eyes popping out of my head.. Your layouts are amazing, love them.. love the creativity of them.. and your canvases.. wow.. I LOVE them... vibrant colors, stunning 'girls' the outside even is color.. beautiful creating..

Val Thorpe said...

Oh Leanne... I just love your layouts and the paintings are wonderful. Gorgeous bold style.. so glad I found this blog :D

Stacey Young said...

Ahhh, your the best Miss Wally :) I popped in earlier but didn't get a chance to comment....these are so awesome, love "How Lovely"!! Hehe, how funny Jorja throwing around your arrows, mine would too given half the chance....lol!!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Super creations Miss Wally! Your canvases are awesome too!!!! :D