Friday, October 31, 2008

Stuff from the Oct retreat......

All i can say is that i had an absolute ball.... meeting all the girls and scrapping my little crazy heart out.....of course i was rather LOUD.... but i would not change it for the world... that's just who i am......and there are girls there that are just as loud!!!!! lmao!!!!
So as you can see i managed to scrap everything... all i need to do is add journaling and some pics to some of the mini books.... Miss Mardi and Miss Nic are totally awesome chicks and they kept us busy the whole time.... i learnt some great new tricks from not just the teachers!!!! everyones projects totally rocked!!!!
oh and check out my new tote...... it's the yummiest tote ever!!!!! you got to get one... check out the BOXX SHOP....... and what total spunks are those chicks at the top!!!! lmao.... Mwah


Tam said...

Love the pics...and all your projects look awesome!!! Bring on March :)
Thanks for the chat {even if it was short!!}

Lea said...

Divine work as usual:) You have a knack for busy, interesting lo's that still have an element of white space. Always love to see your creations!

Nicole Anderson said...

Oh wowee look at all your finished layouts - they all look amazing .. love the touch of "leeann" to them all.. I had such a blast meeting you (again) - this time getting to know you a little better - your a beautiful girl with a heart of gold!! can't wait to do it again sometime soon .. hugz