Thursday, March 26, 2009

i love to Doodle..........

I have set the weekly challenge over @ the BOXX and its a Doodle Challenge..... I want you to show me your Doodling..... it really is totally fun! So if you want a head start feel free to scrap lift one of my designs. Now is the time to show me your tricks with your doodling pens!

"Little Princess Holly"

"Me and Joey"

My Tips on Doodling:

1: Always doodle a draft copy - this way you can work out where the photo goes.
2: Doodle in pencil first - says a lot of mistakes.
3: Outline your doodles with a good gel pen. Rub out the pencil lines.
4: Color in with water color paints or pencils, felt tips, colored pencils, pastel crayons and acrylic paints - just water the acrylics down.
5: Now this is where you add the finer details of the doodles - those are the dashers, spots extra lines etc.
......................And last just have fun with it - Go with the flow!!!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW they are amazing Leeann! You are a very talented doodler :D
Heehee...I updated my blog about the same time you did I think :D :D
Thanks for the inspiration...I took your challenge this week and even made some buttons after reading how you made them on here :)
Thank you ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely lady, well I have to give one of your challenges a go seeing as though you have been sooooo inspirational to me of late, off to get busy xx.

kathie said...

Hello! I love your doodly layouts - they're so bright and vibrant and fun.

And I already told you that I totally adore the layout in the previous post - love that work you did framing the photo :)

On my way... said...

Wow Leeann!! You make it look so easy!! lol ;P

Gorgeous gorgeous, such wonderful colors, so inspirational!


Donna said...

I looove it DG!! Hey when you gonna show us a pc of that gorgeous baby bump!!!! mwah!! Always thinking of ya sweets! xxxx

Christine said...

You are such a good doodler! Love it all!