Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The crafters workshop catch up...

Hello... Today I'm  sharing lots  of projects I created for The  Crafters Workshop while on there design team. I have finished designing for them in April 2016. Wow that was an awesome team to be apart of. I have hundreds of amazing stencils from them and I created awesome projects for them. i'm just going to show the project and link you to the steps... If you are interested in finding out how i made each one.

So lets go back... I didn't realize I missed blogging alot of my work!


TCW string art cat

TCW feb shabby cuffs 4

 TCW happy

TCW life is good

kraft up april 017


Lizzyc said...

He there! Thanks for sharing these, what amazing crazy wonderful creating! love them.. you make your own rules for creating and I love that about you! Have a great week!

Alycia D said...

Great ideas. Ty!