Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stenciling or Masking using spray paint.....

Ok so I have been playing a little more with this.... just wanted to show you the result of using some of your toss out stash..... yep the alpha negatives!!!!This is also this months technique challenge over at THE BOXX.......go check it out!!!!!

So before you ditch your alpha negatives go and make some transparency overlays...... all i have used here is spray paint.....the alpha negatives and transparency film..... to easy!!!! the best bit is the negative is still a bit sticky so it will stay still while you spray.... just once finished spraying leave it to dry.....don't forget to use your mask's in the same way.... just think of all the cool stuff you could create and you get to chose the colors you like!!!!

Have fun creating.....Mwah!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I loved the technique challenge you posted on the Boxx Leeann. Just fabulous are so creative and inspiring :)