Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some Tips & Techniques to try...

Dimensional Masking with Mesh
How to:
  1. Mix some paint with your texture paste.
  2. Use some masking tape to hold one end of the mask down.
  3. Now apply the mixture with a rub-on stick randomly.
  4. Lift the mask after revealing your pattern and design.
  5. Repeat the step again until you are happy with your design.
  6. Allow to dry and scrap your layout.
Have fun creating this one....

Creative backgrounds using Masking Tape
How to:
  1. Line your bench with strips of masking tape - enough to cover a 12 x 12 sheet of CS.
  2. Paint all the strips in white paint first.
  3. Choose your color and paint the strips going from darker to lighter - create lighter shades by watering the paint down.
  4. Paint one of the strips in a contrasting color and allow to dry.
  5. Now tear the painted strips off the bench and place randomly on your CS.
  6. Dilute the main color and with your paint brush flick it over your background.
  7. Scrap your layout.
Tip: Covering the masking tape with white first helps hide the yellowish shade and when coloring washing it is more true to color.

Have fun creating this one.

These are a couple of the fun and easy techniques for you to try... so when you have ago let me know and I will come over and check it out....mwah

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