Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Letter backgrounds......

"collecting sand hoppers at the beach"

OK so this week Ali Russell from Embellished has set the new chef challenge this week and it's a goodie... it's to do with those pesky leftover letters... we all have them stuffed high in containers... so get them out fill the background and just paint...... Those that know me would have seen me do this before...... and so now it's your turn if you have not tried this now is your chance's lots of fun and I'm working on another one as my stash of leftovers is spilling out of the box!!

Mwah xxx


Toni said...

hey I did this last week after seeing you do it ages ago. It's a fab idea Leeann... i used my Thickers and no paint but think I will give it another go with paint -- i have loads of 'useless' letters and numbers lying around!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

wow gorgeous! did it last week for an album that I made. Yours look so fab though! Love the colors hun.

Anonymous said...

only 18 days to go!!!!!
I will be thinking of you every day wondering if today is the day!